Who should be King?

Who should be King?

This week we continue learning about the High Middle Ages with the Famous Battle of Hastings.  We will start with an in class activity on Monday/Tuesday – Who should be King?  Also, what happens when a King dies?

William I

Missed Class?  Please see what we covered today! We will present to the class a quick review of who should be King?

who_should_be_king_cvs – Resume/Info for each candidate

who_should_be_king_organizer – Complete the organizer

bayeux_tapestry_lesson–  ppt for today.  On Wed and Thursday we will talk about the Famous Battle of Hastings and The Bayeux Tapestry!

Activity on your own

Go to this website: http://www.bayeuxtapestry.org.uk/Index.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to explore the tapestry.

We will think about these questions:

Part 1 – “The Oath” (click the link “Harold makes a solemn oath”)
Question: What is happening in this scene? Which character is Harold? Which character is William? How can you tell? Describe what he is like in this scene.
Part 2 – “Planning the Invasion” (click the link for “Scene 3”)
Question: What is happening in this scene? What does this tell us about William as a leader?
Part 3 – “The Battle of Hastings” (click on the link for “Scene 2”)
Question: ­What is different about the way the Anglo-Saxons (Harold’s army) and the Normans (William’s army) are fighting this battle?
 Part 4 – “The Battle of Hastings” (click on the link for “Scene 5”)
Question: What is William doing in this scene? Why do you think he does this?
Part 5 – “The Battle of Hastings” (click on the link for “Scene 6”)
Question: How is King Harold killed? Why do you think they show him twice in this scene
Summary Response. Go to the page describing what happened after the battle (http://www.bayeuxtapestry.org.uk/BayeuxAfter.htm). Read all three sections of this page. How did England change after the Battle of Hastings – what did William bring to England? How were Harold’s followers treated?

On Wednesday/Thursday we will discussion Feudalism in the Middles Ages and Compare Europe to Japan!

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