What makes something worth remembering?

What makes something worth remembering?


  • Pick a well known person living today and based on what you have read and your own criteria for historical significance, do you think this person is going to become part of our history? Why or Why not?

Please see below for the link on historical significance!  Don’t forget to include an image that relates to this post.  Podcast or written for this assignment!

Period 1/2/3:  Due Friday

Period 5/6:  Due Monday



Why do we pass on the details about certain events or people, but not others?  Who decides what should be part of History?

Today we VOTED.  After our vote we went over the BIG 6 in social studies.  Please see powerpoint and handouts from today below.  If you were absent..please complete the handouts for next class:)

Reminder:  Ms. Williams needs your bibliography examples!

Curricular Competencies – Thanks Mr. Jack:)  Powerpoint


historical perspectives

Historical Significance




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