I’m at home but I’m going to school? This is weird….Blog Post and Weekly Lesson March 30 – April 3

I’m at home but I’m going to school? This is weird….Blog Post and Weekly Lesson March 30 – April 3



BLOGFOLIO POST #1  – Does history repeat itself?  What can we learn from past pandemics?  Please make sure you give it a proper title (not blogfolio post #1) Include an image formatted correctly.  Review your work and take time to complete it.

Aim for Fridays at 10am to hand it in (this might be difficult for some, don’t panic, and do it at a time that you can.  Some of you may need to write it on paper- that’s fine too). 

NOTE:    If you would rather pick ONE of the questions below feel free to do so or use them as prompts to guide you in your response.

  • What would you do? Research how the virus spreads and different plans that leaders have made to slow it or stop it. Then imagine you are an elected official. Write a plan of your own to slow or stop the virus in your own town.
  • What are you excited or worried about?
  • Write a letter to yourself 10 years in the future. What do you want to tell your future self?
  • How do you think the world will be different after the novel coronavirus?
  • What part would you play? People in many, many different jobs play a role in managing this outbreak. Make a list of jobs that can contribute to a solution, and write about which job you’d want and why.

Please use at least 2 good sources and have a works cited at the bottom of your blog post.  Remember to look over your writing piece before submitting on your blog

OFFICE 365 Assignment :  Please make sure you have your office 365 email set up.  I will send out an email to check in and see how you are doing this week.   Thank you

I’m at home but I’m going to school?  This is weird…. Check out the site below

Extend Learning:  Check out this digital citizenship web quest  https://learning.burnabyschools.ca/secondary/  – It’s a great activity and you can pick which modules to do.  What did you learn from this webquest?  You can tell me on your blog or send me a quick response on OFFICE 365.. try it to refresh your digital citizenship skills..




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