Virtual Reality Field Trip…Middle Ages and Holiday Fun (Castles)

Virtual Reality Field Trip…Middle Ages and Holiday Fun (Castles)

Last week and we are taking a VR Field Trip to the Middle Ages.  We will learn more about what life was like in this time period and discover some pretty cool castles!

Castle #1:

Castle #2:

Medieval Town #3:

Once you have had a chance to use the VR GLASSES you will post on your experience and what you learned…Please refer to your graphic organizer given to you during this class.

No Homework over the Holidays!  However, you can always challenge yourself and write about a current event or share an experience that relates to History or Geography. If you would like to do the Bonus Castle Assignment I have uploaded it below:)


Castles activity – pick from any of the questions and remember to cite!


Castles activity –Castle PODCAST

Note:  You may choose to use Minecraft for Education (free with office 365) for building the Castle.  You must use the elements on the handout when building it.  Take a screen shot of your masterpiece and share it on your Blog.

Happy Holidays to all my amazing students!

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