Viking Video Advertisement Blog Instructions

Viking Video Advertisement Blog Instructions

DUE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4 on your Blogfolio  – available for Burnaby students


If you are using the online version of PowerPoint, then you will have to download the PowerPoint first to your desktop.

  1.  Click the File Menu > Download as
  2. This will save to your computer
  3. Open the downloaded file using the Desktop Version of PowerPoint.   If you don’t have the desktop version, you can install it for free using your Office 365 account (see
  4. In the Desktop version of PowerPoint click on File > Save as.
  5. Save as file type MPEG-4 Video

Some of you may share this one one drive if the file is too big to upload on your Blog.  Please follow the format below .

Blog Title:   Were the Vikings a force for order or chaos? A Viking Video

Blog Content:  We often focus on the brutality and violence associated with the Vikings. There was another side to the Vikings that demonstrated use of advanced technology, and an adventurous desire to explore and settle in other areas of the world.  In this post we created a video advertisement on (insert your topic here).  The video is attached or I have shared this with my teacher using Office 365.

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