Venice is Sinking..Blog Post

Venice is Sinking..Blog Post

Over the last few classes we’ve had a chance to work in groups and come up with solutions to Venice’s problem. Venice, as we’ve all learned, is sinking! This is a major issue because of the harm this is causing for all of the people who call the beautiful, historic city home on the edge of the Adriatic sea.

In our most recent class we had the opportunity to share our ideas with the class, and we saw a great variety of different approaches. Some groups focused on controlling the water level so that Venice isn’t flooded by high tides, either by directly controlling the flow of water or the Sirocco winds from Africa that drive water towards Venice.

As discussed in class, your homework is to post an entry to your blog. The entry is to be one (1) paragraph, and should address the following questions:

  1. What is being done to help Venice now?
  2. What was your group’s idea to help Venice?
  3. How does your solution work?
  4. Why did your group choose this solution?

I was very excited to see all of your presentations, and I’m equally enthusiastic about having the chance to read your blog posts!

-Mr. Kwan

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