1.  On Thursday I will give you 30 minutes to work on teach a dog/cat a new trick!  You will present the proposal to the class.  Your Homework will then be to present a 5 minute video clip of your experiment on Monday
  2. The rest of class Thursday you will prepare for your Unit Test!
  3. Please be aware of the following changes:  You will start your FRQ next Wednesday in the Lab to practice for your AP exam.  This will be posted on the blog.
  4. Multiple Choice Test on Friday

**After your first FRQ on the learning theories next Wednesday in class you will be responsible for posting once a week on a question from the AP College Board Website!


The concept of positive punishment can difficult to remember, especially because it seems like a contradiction. How can punishment be positive? The easiest way to remember this concept is to note that it involves an aversive stimulus that is added to the situation. For this reason, positive punishment is sometimes referred to as punishment by application

Operant Conditioning Review: AP Psychology Crash Course

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