Underground Civilization

Underground Civilization

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In Socials class today we created underground civilizations!  We then shared our awesome work at the end of class!  So much fun taking the elements of what have learned about civilizations to a creative level.  Happy Halloween!

EXTEND YOUR LEARNING WITH A BONUS POST THIS WEEK:  Include your underground civilization image that your created with the group.  What were 5 of the ideas in your underground civilization that really was amazing!  Did you know that there are underground cities?  Check out this link to find out more if you would  like to discover and write about ONE.  https://www.history.com/news/8-mysterious-underground-cities

Don’t forget to Fall Back this weekend. https://www.dogonews.com/2019/10/28/its-time-to-fall-back-daylight-saving-time-ends-on-november-3-2019

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