Time Capsule..History in the Making

Time Capsule..History in the Making

Living History – What Items would you put in a Time Capsule for future generations to remember during this unprecedented time?


So excited about this lesson and activity for the week. 

Credits:  I got this inspiration from an article I read (https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/09/cnn-underscored/covid-19-time-capsule-ideas/index.html) and from a cool video by John Spencer! Thank you.

You will be creating a Time Capsule with at least 5 items.  Criteria for this activity can be found on TEAMS next week.  During your scheduled block according to the timetable is when the notification will go out.

Think about possible items/artifacts (photographs, journals, toilet paper, Dr. Bonnie Henry quotes, list of movies or popular songs, drawings, flyers around your neighborhood reminding people to keep physical distance).  Pick items that are important to you.  Make it your own and make it unique!  Part of preserving our history and remembering this time is collecting those items that are important to you!  You should have a personal and meaningful connection to those items.

How will I create my Time Capsule? A few suggestions…

  • Recyclable materials or things around the house to create your Time Capsule (a box for example)
  • Make a Collage of Items
  • Show and Tell with a Video Clip
  • Animation

The goals is to be creative, think of what you have around your home to use for this activity.  You have over a week to complete this assignment so please take your time and make it fantastic! You will post on your BLOG and share the link in TEAMS.  Remember to tell me about those items and why you chose them.

Have fun brainstorming some ideas and being creative!   If I were to discover this time capsule in 25 years what would you want me to remember about 2020?  When your done, find a place to hide it….



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