This Week in Socials includes the VIKINGS

This Week in Socials includes the VIKINGS

Students are encouraged to bring their own devices for our Viking Assignments.  If not, we have a class set of 15.

What led to the Fall of Rome?  We completed our organizers and KWL charts.  We discussed the role of religion in a civilization and added on to what we already know about the fall of Rome.  We have learned about 2 civilizations and what led to their demise.  How about other civilizations?  Next week you will get an opportunity to find out!

What happened after the fall of Rome?  We will talk about the Franks and Charlemagne briefly before we move on to the Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings.

Hidden Secrets of Poop Fossils

Did that catch your attention? See Below

DUE NEXT WEEK (THURSDAY/FRIDAY)  We will have 2 class periods

Check out this National Geographic video of a recreation of a Viking village! The video is 360, so use your mouse to drag the image and view the scenes in 360 degrees! 

360° Viking Battle | National Geographic

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