Thinking and Language…and more

Thinking and Language…and more

FRQ Practice: See previous post for AP COLLEGE BOARD past FRQ’s

Today I reviewed the handout I gave you last class!  Know all the terms and make sure you have read this unit on Cognition…. Think about how we describe thought? What are the processes of problem solving? What is creativity? What are the elements of language?  Think about key people(chomsky) and big ideas in this unit!

NEXT CLASS:  First 15 minutes of class is FRQ practice in groups.  I will be collecting responses.  We will be starting each class with FRQ practice now(only 15-20 minutes to come up with a rubric and how you would answer it)

January 23-  THE AMAZING RACE (Wednesday):  The amazing Cognition race takes place on Wednesday! Teams of 3-4. Your goal is to win the race!

January 25thEmotion Unit (start Inside Out movie and reflection) Analysis of Memory and Emotion Unit.

January 29th – MEMORY/THINKING and LANGUAGE QUIZ– MC quiz will take place next week on Wednesday January 30th rather than Friday:)  It will be roughly 12 mc questions on this unit.  I will be giving you a take home FRQ for homework. Remember to give yourself 25 minutes to write it and post it on blog. Check your answers after you have completed it and in the comments section tell me how you did.

February 1st – Motivation

  • Instinct Theory
  • Drive Reduction Theory
  • Incentive Theory
  • Arousal Theory
  • Maslow
  • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivation
  • James Lange Theory, Cannon Bard Theory, Schacter’s Two Factor Theory
  • Theories of stress (already covered)
  • Holmes and Rahe(SRRS) instrument used to measure our stress levels







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