For what reasons have societies collapsed? BLOGFOLIO

For what reasons have societies collapsed? BLOGFOLIO

Great presentations and delivery of your civilizations this week! Way to go.


Title: For what reasons have societies collapsed?  Ancient Civilization Unit Test Presentation

Blog Post:  What can the collapse of past societies teach us about the long-term consequences of our decisions and actions today?

Please answer this question based on what you learned this term.  Use your current presentation on your civilization to help you.  A few other suggestions may include:

  • Factors that led to the demise of your civilization and interesting points from your group presentations!  Similarities/Differences between civilizations?  Did you see a pattern?
  • What did I learn? How did I learn it? What learning targets did I master? What do I still need to work on?  What would I change about how I presented?
  • Any notes or research can be uploaded too!
  • Include an image (this could be a picture of the presentation process)

Curricular Competencies for this assignment include

I can use Social Studies inquiry processes and skills to ask questions, gather, interpret, and analyze ideas; and communicate findings and decisions

I can determine which causes most influenced particular decisions, actions, or events, and assess their short and long term consequences (cause and consequence)


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