The Process of Inquiry and Project Due Date

The Process of Inquiry and Project Due Date

InquiryRubricUpdate:  Only the 2 rows will be used to assess research

Inquiry-and-Project-Rubric – Final Project Rubric



Hello parents and students!  The next month is a busy month for our inquiry research project.  Students have had 2 weeks working on potential topics and questions to further research.  Detailed information can be seen in my previous post and includes a copy of the assignment with potential topics.  As part of the research process students can bring in laptops or use the school laptops during class time.  Books will be provides in the Library as well.

Some students can also upload pictures/notes from their phones to their blogs.  For example, some students completed a detailed mind map in class and took a picture of it and uploaded it to their blog to show what they have done as part of the research process.

It is recommended that students use time at home once a week to continue with research.  A weekly blog post will be done to reflect on what they have completed at the end of the week and what they still need to get done.

Once research is completed (2 weeks) students will begin paragraph writing.  Once this is complete they are ready to start putting the information on a poster with visuals.  I will be going over examples in the upcoming weeks.

Blog/Multimedia will be used as an added enhancement to the overall project (video, ppt, images etc…)

June is when the final product will be displayed and  presented!


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