The Perfect Paragraph and Introduction to Blogs

The Perfect Paragraph and Introduction to Blogs

The Perfect Paragraph – Good Copy posted on your Blog with an image of your artifacts.  We will spend time this week and early next week on the Blog to make sure all of you understand how it works.  Amazing artifacts everyone!  It was fun and interesting!

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ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE:  SEPTEMBER 19 or 20 (Day 1/Day 2) on your BLOG.  I will mark the artifact assignment/paragraph once it is handed in on your BLOG.  Rubric will be given this week.

An artifact is an object created or shaped by humans that has some sort of story or history that is attached to it.

An artifact can be anything and will be different for each person. Some examples may be: trophy or medals, pictures, a favorite book, a favorite toy from when you were little, jewelry, clothing, sports equipment, any other object that reminds you of something important.

  • Tell what your artifact is. Describe it. Where and when did you get it?
  • Tell why you chose the artifact, giving reasons and explanations. Was it an easy or difficult choice? Why?
  • Tell why the artifact is important to you and how it relates to your life.
  • What greater story does the artifact tell about you and your life?

Class Handout on the perfect paragraph must be used to help with paragraph format.  Rubric will be given in class.

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