The Nervous System & Endocrine System 3A

The Nervous System & Endocrine System 3A

Tuesday (October 24th)

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We will review the neural communication today and then move on to the nervous system/endocrine system.

There will be a quiz on part 3A this Thursday (know your Neuron!)

FIGURE 2.7 Subparts of the nervous system.
  1.  What is the function of the peripheral nervous system?
  2. What is the function of the central nervous system?
  3. What are some things regulated by the endocrine system?
  4. What 3 important endocrine system glands are located in the brain?
  5. Describe the adrenal glands, what functions do they serve?
  6. What does MRI stand for? What are MRI’s of the brain used for?
    Go here:
  7. What does PET stand for? What functions can a PET scan monitor

Go here:

Take the Right Brain vs. Left Brain test. Are you right brained or left brained? Do you agree with the description of your dominant side?


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