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What is the impact of the fall of a civilization?  What happened after the fall of Rome?  Today we started our lesson trying to answer these questions.  After the fall of Rome, one of the Germanic peoples – The Franks –  conquered much of the Roman province of Gaul (now France) in the late fourth and early fifth centuries.  I showed a quick video clip on The Franks and then we worked on a few questions.  If you have completed the questions in class you have no homework except to watch the following Charlemagne Video!  Think about the following question..Does Charlemagne deserve the title of “Charlemagne the Great”? –

The Salic Code, named after the Salian Franks, was a legal code used by the Franks. For every piece of property and every person, the Salic Code woluld pace a monetary value on the property or person. A fine called a wergild had to be paid to the victim’s family or the owner of the property, if property was stolen and/or if the person was injured or killed. If someone was killed, the victim’s family could refuse the fine and instead have them killed. If they did this, the law did not hold him/her responsible. Similarly in modern-day Canada, we have the Criminal Code of Canada but, there are differences (source:mramsey)

Comparison Between The Salic code and The Criminal Code of Canada

The Salic Code


Theft – fine, torture, or death

Theft of a slave – 120-150 lashes

Breaking a betrothal – 65 gold solidi (6500 CAD)

Cutting the hair of a free boy/girl – 45 gold solidi (4500CAD)

Touching a woman’s hand – 15 gold solidi (1500 CAD)

Grave robbing – 200 gold solidi (20000 CAD)

Assault- 65 gold solidi (6500CAD)

Damaging limb beyond repair- 100 gold solidi (10000 CAD)

Attempted murder- 30-65 gold solidi (3000-6500 CAD)

Killing the kings slave- 300-600 gold solidi (30000-60000 CAD)

Killing a free woman of childbearing age- 600 gold solidi (60000 CAD)

Killing a pregnant woman- 700 gold solidi (70000 CAD)

Killing a boy under 12 years- 600 gold solidi (60000 CAD)

Killing a girl under 12 years- 200 gold solidi (20000 CAD)

Criminal Code of Canada

Arson- 1-14 years in prison

Theft- 2-10 years in prison

Assault- 5-14 years in prison

Serious injuries- 2-10 years in prison

Attempted murder:

1st degree- 5 years in prison

2nd degree- 7 years in prison

Murder- Life imprinsonment

Did this question pop into your head? “Why didn’t the Franks punish with prison terms?” Well, one reason would be that it would be impractical to build a prison if you keep moving around. If you keep building new prisons, it would drain resources, waste time and energy.

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