The Black Death..Writer’s Boot Camp #4 and #5

The Black Death..Writer’s Boot Camp #4 and #5

BLACK DEATH STATIONS – if you have not completed the questions you can look online for some of the answers.  We will continue this on Thursday.  You will have a quiz next Week on the Black Death.

Reminder:  Coat of Arms and Blog Response(describing your coat of arms) DUE

Can disease change the world?  A great question as we learn about the Black Death this week.  Why don’t you make this a writer’s boot camp topic?

Can disease change the world?

“What was the Black Death? How did the Black Death spread so quickly? How did the Black Death affect people in the 14th century?

For over 100 years scientists have believed that the Medieval Black Death was the same disease as the modern Bubonic Plague. We’re told it was spread by fleas on rats and is now easily controlled with anti-biotics. Today though there are those who doubt the two diseases are the same and how ready we are to deal with this ancient disease if it surfaces again.

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