Stress and Health…step on the GAS

Stress and Health…step on the GAS



It is about this time of year when grade 12 suddenly becomes too much to handle…graduation parties, keeping high grades, trying to exercise, student council responsibilities and of course those blasted scholarship applications… and did I mention trying to keep a part-time job and volunteer on top of all this! Gees, it is hard to be a kid these days!

By recognizing the stressors in your life and knowing some strategies to help manage all the stress, life can get easier especially in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Chapter 14: Stress and Health is an important and very applicable unit that is covered on the AP exam.

On Thursday we will have time to mark the FRQ #4 from last class. Here is the key 1999_FRQ_(1)A reminder since we are completing this in class there will be NO response due at the end of this week:) We will then talk about stress and go over study strategies for the AP exam!  Using your visual organizer to help you and help from that awesome MEMORY unit!

ABSENT:  Please see me Friday or email me.  – EXAM TIPS

NOTE of CHANGE:  UNIT TEST Week of February 21st.  This has been changed to give you more time to study!

TEST will include:  Memory (also cognition/language- which I will cover next week), Emotions and Motivation

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