States of Consciousness..Altered States

States of Consciousness..Altered States



Wednesday and Friday Class

Please complete the Dream Analysis Questions from today’s class.  I will collect it next day.

Practice MC Questions (Thanks Corine:)

25_sleep_and_sleep_disorders_practice_qs 45_mc_practice_booklet

Drugs and Consciousness.

Nature of Things with David Suzuki (marijuana and mental illness) If interested the link is below

1)Why do people do drugs?

2) What is addiction?

3)Why does it happen?

What is Tolerance?

Video (please see in class)

  1.  Psychoactive Drugs – chemicals that alter perceptions and mood
  2. Tolerance- user requires a larger amount to get same effects
  3. Withdrawal – user experiences discomfort when discontinuing use
    1. Physical pain
    2. Psychological – cravings
  4. Myths
    1. Most people do NOT become addicted when using drugs medicinally
    2. People are equally as likely to overcome addiction by themselves as when they seek therapy
  5. Psychoactive Drugs
    1. Depressants
    2. Stimulants
    3. Hallucinogens
  6. Influences of Drug Use
    1. Negative correlation between drug education and use
    2. Evidence for biological predisposition for alcohol dependence
    3. Use correlated send of meaningless, stress, failure and depression
    4. Peer pressure – most likely to use if you believe friends use

Near Death Experience

  1. 30-40% of those had came close to death report NDE
  2. Commonalities: replay of old memories, out of body sensation, lights, tunnels
  3. Similar reports by
    1. uses of hallucinogens
    2. patients with temporal lobe seizures
    3. people experience prolonged isolation or cold and
    4. those suffering oxygen deprivation
  4. Those who have done hallucinogens and had NDE claimed they are different.

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