Social Psychology Test Tuesday, April 10th

Social Psychology Test Tuesday, April 10th

Welcome Back AP Psychology students!  A month to go before our exam.

Reminder:  Social Psychology Test will be next Tuesday (25-30 MC and 1 FRQ which is taken directly from AP college board- Focus on questions after year 2000)  HINT:  Social Psychology will be included in one of those responses!!

Homework:  I will collect Vocab from Social Psychology and your brief notes on against the norm activity at the start of class.  Watch the Videos below for review!

PAST FRQ’s       AP Psychology May Exam FRQs

Check  below for the FRQ’s after 2013 – Last Year FRQ – Last Year FRQ

Social Psychology this week

Jane and Kerry are involved in an altercation that is captured on tape. In the video, Jane is seen walking with her young son when Kerry attacks her. Jane falls to the ground and Kerry assaults her, ultimately punching and kicking her dozens of times. A group of individuals gathers around the two women, take out their cell phones, and record the fight. They do not help Jane or call for help. The behavior of the group is an example of which of the following terms?

Unit 14 Social Psychology Teacher

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Social Psychology Test:  Tuesday, April 10th

Abnormal Psych and Treatment Test:  April 20th

Review Sessions

April 23 (Pro D) Class will be open for student study

April 25th:  In class MC practice Test/Review

April 27th:  In class FRQ practice with Mr. Morton (To be confirmed)

Tutorial Sessions at lunch starting April 25th!

May 1 and May 3:  Expert Groups for Units and Review



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