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The phenomenon of sleep and dreams has caused humans to marvel for much of our history.  Why is it that we sleep?  One thing is obvious at this time of year…students and staff are not very sleep savvy.  Most students undervalue the importance of sleep and don’t recognize   the relationship between the amount of sleep they obtain and their mood, thoughts, behaviour efficiency and general health(here exists the connection between psychological illness and stress).

Assignment:  Sleep Lab.  You will chart your sleep patterns, mood, and energy levels for 5 or 7 days.  Please use the textbook, class lecture and articles to help you use “dreaming” and “sleep terminology” to understand psychological concepts associated with states of consciousness.  Before starting the Lab you must use your study guide to review key concepts/theories.

After the Lab:  Please reflect on the Lab in a Blog post.  Make sure you apply concepts from the textbook etc….  Write in paragraph form please!

Due BY DEC 19

  1. What was your average number of hours of sleep per night?  How does it differ from the recommended amount of sleep prescribed for a person your age?
  2. How many dreams did you recall? What are some of the reasons why you may have recalled your dreams?  What explains your excellent recall? This is a great opportunity to discuss memory and cognition..see article
  3. If you did not dream…refer to why people dream and theories
  4. Compare and Contrast your sleep patterns during the week with your sleep patterns during the weekend. Different? Similar? Give examples of your energy level and attitude.
  5. After you have read and learned about the sleep cycle do you feel like you physically and mentally get enough sleep to allow you to fully activate and participate in the events of your day?
  6. What could your reasonably do to change sleep habits?
  7. What is stopping you from doing these things?
  8. Feel free to add anything else….


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