Santa needs your HELP! Psychology students to the rescue…

Santa needs your HELP! Psychology students to the rescue…


Today I reviewed Altered States and gave you a package to work on! I also explained the Lab you are to complete.  Please make sure you POST

a)  Sleep Lab

b)  Ice cube Lab

I will not be collecting the fill in the blanks and review guides.  It is expected that you have read the chapter and worked on the handouts.  I will give you a quiz first week back!

…I also handed back your tests!


BONUS…. Santa needs your help!  You can deliver the message to his ELF on Friday! Please write it down on a small card that can easily be collected. This is a short FRQ because Santa needs a quick response… since he is so busy.  Don’t forget to put your name on it!  A good source might be those articles I gave you in your sleepy lab:)

Because he has difficulty falling asleep at night, Santa doesn’t go to bed until very late. Before he retires, he tries to wear himself out by running around the block several times. Then he treats himself to a strong coffee and perhaps a few cookies while preparing his list for the next day’s early morning lecture to his elves. What specific advice would you give Santa to help him fall asleep?


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