Research Methods

Research Methods

5859788_origSeptember 28th, 2016

Conduct a naturalistic observation of a person or a small group of people for 10 straight minutes. Be unobtrusive and don’t let the people know they are being observed. Report whatever behaviors you see or hear. Make no judgments. Just record who does what, how many times they do it, and how others react. Look for regularities or some pattern in the behaviors. Note what seem to be common patterns. Finally, create a hypothesis (a hunch) to explain the patterns you are noticing. Ask yourself how you could test your hypothesis … if you wanted to find out.

Due on Monday, October 3. Please post notes and response on your blog. Reminder to complete the handout I gave you in class today and continue reading the chapter.  Next class I will spend more time reviewing the Scientific Method and complete a lab!

Understanding Research Video :

Due Date:  Monday, October 3.



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