Renaissance Dinner Party BLOG POST

Renaissance Dinner Party BLOG POST

NOTE to PARENTS:  Term 2 Blogfolio comments

For homework, students will be asked to spend a few moments to review their Blogfolios with their parents. I ask that you take time this week to comment on one or more items on your child’s digital portfolio for term 2.  Thank you and have a wonderful Spring Break!

Tips on Commenting and supporting learning process:

Under any of the posts will be a COMMENT link > click to open a box. (You can record in any language.)

  • Notice thought, capacities and growth.
  • Connect with your child’s opinions, stories or ideas.
  • Share your intellectual curiosity; wonder aloud.
  • Encourage
  • Co-conspire… “You are interested in Explorers ? Me too, here’s an interesting website I’m reading about Explorers.”
  • I noticed you…
  • The part I found most interesting…
  • A few things you did really well here are…
  • One thing I’m seeing about your work is…
  • Have you considered…


Dinner Party Rubric

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