Psychology Blog Assessments

Psychology Blog Assessments

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You should be writing responses with the following in mind….

The following task verbs are commonly used in the AP Psychology free-response questions:

  • Identify requires that you name or point out psychological concepts as they pertain to the question.
  • Show or describe requires you to detail the essential characteristics and/or examples of a particular concept, theory, or phenomenon.
  • Explaindiscuss, and relate require that you make logical and coherent connections among the prompt (or premise), question, and psychological concepts.


Please make sure you have posted your article on Brain Based Disorders this Friday.  Next week I will give you a self-assessment blog rubric for term 1!  (out of 10 but can make a BIG difference if you have not posted any of your material).  Please look over your blog and make sure you have ALL blog posts complete.  Remember that the blog will be very useful when you start FRQ practice in January/February.  A platform for all the psychology concepts/theories and application.  This should demonstrate your learning on the psychology units being studied.  Remember to include an image on every post that relates to the topic(or video).

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