Project Timeline

Project Timeline

Middle Ages – Structured Inquiry Project Timeline

  1. Your digital slideshow (which will also be documented on your blog) needs to have:
    1. A title (which must include the category and inquiry question)
    2. Your guiding questions (research questions)
    3. Pictures
    4. Fun facts/wow facts taken from your research
    5. Excerpts from your research
    6. Your Works Cited page (correctly formatted)
    7. What was this project about? What did you learn?
    8. A conclusion:
      1. How did you find the project? Easy? Difficult? Manageable?
      2. What did you learn about the research process? What new questions do you have as a result of your research?
  • Is there anything you would do differently if you had to do the project again?
  1. You will be required to complete Cornell Notes daily during your research time, as evidence of your learning. Many of you have used MS Word to document all your research you may upload these to your blog.

Please remember: Don’t fill your slides with too many words. You should have headings and bullets throughout which act as guides for your discussion. The information should be delivered ORALLY with VISUAL aids- NOT read right off the slide during the Gallery Walk! Your Works Cited page is the only exception; there is no need to read it out loud to the audience, however.

November 29th – Research Day in the Library

December 3rd Research Day and Digital Slide Show Prep Begins

December 5th – Last Day for Research and Completion of Works Cited on Blog

December 7th– Digital Slide Show/Poster/Podcast/Model Prep

December 11th – Prepare for Gallery Walk Presentation (includes digital slide show/models/poster etc…)

December 13th – Last day for Project.  Digital Presentation Good Copy uploaded to Blog.  Please have a dedicated page for ALL your research on the Blog.


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