Presentations and Unit 3 Test

Presentations and Unit 3 Test

Presentations will take place on Tuesday.  Please have a cheat sheet on your brain based disorder(handout) ready to go/a quick activity etc./highlights of what you found out in your article to share with the class.  BLOG POST ON THE ARTICLE DUE FRIDAY, NOV 9(or sooner if you like).

UNIT 3ABC TEST November 8th

You may want to review the following (reticular formation,hippocampus,sensory cortex,cerebellum,association areas,medulla,cerebral cortex, neurotransmitters (norepinephrine, dopamine etc..) All the brain scans,gender typing, gender, DNA, chromosomes, genes, Identical vs Fraternal Twins, nature vs nurture, autonomic, sympathetic and somatic nervous system,endocrine system,plasticity, research on left vs right handedness, evolutionary psychologist, social psychologist, behaviour geneticist, gender identity, temperament,genomes,older structures of the brain), natural selection

A few items below to help you with review!  Good Luck

AP-Psych-Unit-3-Review-with-answers – Genetics

Living with face blindness – YouTube

Jan 25, 2017 – Uploaded by Lucy Barnard

Have you heard of prosopagnosia? Here’s a story about it and how it effects day to day life, put together by the …




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