Political Campaign Presentation and Bonus Blog Post

Political Campaign Presentation and Bonus Blog Post

Period 1/2/3:

Today we are working on our visual for our political party.  Please see my previous post if you lost the handout with the guiding questions.  This will be completed in class today.  We will leave the posters/visuals here so that you can present your ideas in a quick 2 min snapshot Tuesday.  What did you learn about the political party you researched?

Period 5/6:

Please answer the questions on the handout I gave you.  Bring what you need to work on the visual Monday!  Our goal is to present Wednesday, October 2.

BLOG POST BONUS:  If you were Prime Minister how would you help fight against Climate Change?    Now take everything we learned in class, discussions and video of Greta Thunberg to tell me.  You can write it or podcast (use audacity- see me for this) on your BLOG. Don’t forget to include an image and follow posting guidelines.

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