Neurons and Neural Communication_Unit 3A

Neurons and Neural Communication_Unit 3A

Please make sure you have completed the graphic organizer from today’s class.  Answers below.

HW:  Complete the Multiple Choice Test Practice and Written Response on the article I posted with handout on the previous blog post.  Please post your response to your own blog.  Also,  keep in mind the tips on how to write a good response.  Remember, you should now be using that handout as a guide to everything you write in this course.  This will help with the Free Response Question.

Answers: Neural Communication -Know what these terms do! Pages 50-

  1.  sensory
  2. dendrites
  3. excitatory
  4. inhibitory
  5. threshold
  6. axon
  7. positively
  8. depolarize
  9. action potential
  10. myelin
  11. neurotransmitters
  12. synaptic
  13. sending
  14. receiving

The Nervous System Answers Remember that we are covering this on Tuesday!  You should read the section before class! p. 59-65

  1. somatic
  2. peripheral
  3. thalamus
  4. occipital
  5. cerebral cortex
  6. interneurons
  7. association
  8. central
  9. motor
  10. reticular formation
  11. arousal
  12. sympathetic
  13. autonomic
  14. heartbeat
  15. sugar
  16. digestion
  17. parasympathetic

Quiz on Neurons, Neural Communication and Nervous System (out of 15 marks) will be next Thursday (October 27). Review the terms above.  Remember our example of action potential and flushing the toilet? Look over that too.

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