Naturalistic Observation Post and Experiment

Naturalistic Observation Post and Experiment

#3 Blog Post on Naturalistic Observations

I asked you to discuss your Naturalistic Observations with your partners in class.  Please post on your blog

  1. Post your field notes (observations)
  2. Did you come up with the same inferences as your partner?
  3. Was this a valid method of research? Pros/Cons?
  4.  Anything else you would like to add

NOTE- I check in on your blogs frequently.  I will give you a term mark on the quality of your posts.  RUBRIC BLOG RUBRIC

**Images or Multimedia(an image or symbol is suffice)  Eventually you may add in video clips/ articles you have found to support your responses!

If you didn’t complete the experiment questions in class make sure you do and hand it in to me on Monday!

Keep reading in the textbook.. you should be at correlation..we cover this next

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