Library Orientation and Lesson on THE FRANKS

Library Orientation and Lesson on THE FRANKS

Period 2:  We will be meeting in the library on Thursday for the next part of Easybib.

Period 5:  Please read the article on THE FRANKS and CHARLEMAGNE.  Use the article to complete the notes on the diagram.  I have a few videos below to help you.  If you are using the internet please tell me where you got your information from (remember to use good sources).

What is the impact of the fall of a civilization?  What happened after the fall of Rome?   After the fall of Rome, one of the Germanic peoples – The Franks –  conquered much of the Roman province of Gaul (now France) in the late fourth and early fifth centuries.  Think about the following question..Does Charlemagne deserve the title of “Charlemagne the Great”?

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