Learning TEST..January 17th(Thursday) What to study?

Learning TEST..January 17th(Thursday) What to study?

Please see previous post for videos and ppt. PLEASE REVIEW THE 5 STAGES OF CLASSICAL CONDITIONING you must know this!!!!! Know the big ideas under each key person! 40 multiple choice and a practice FRQ

  1. Acquistion,Extinction,Spontaneous Recovery,Generalization,Discrimination 
  2. Pavlov (classical conditioning)
  3. Skinner (operant conditioning, skinner box, fixed interval etc… negative and positive reinforcement/punishment, ratio/intervals etc…
  4. Bandura (observational learning) bobo doll, mirror neurons…
  5. Watson and Thorndike

Make sure you have read the chapter!  Complete ONLY parts of the study guide that will help you.  You should review every day for 15 minutes.

FRQ Practice (please note that there are 2 theories in this FRQ we have not discussed yet.  Feel free to look ahead since I will be covering it in Feb/Mar)


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