Intelligence Unit

Intelligence Unit

How do psychologists define intelligence?
What did Charles Spearman believe about the function and purpose of intelligent testing?

What is Spearman’s G factor?
How was L. L. Thurstone’s view of testing different that Charles Spearman?
What does savant syndrome indicate about types of intelligence?
Describe Howard Gardner’s Eight types of intelligence
Robert Sternberg distinguished what types on intelligence?
Describe examples of emotional intelligence from the textbook.
Define grey matter and the correlation with intelligence.
Discuss the design and purpose of the Binet and Simon test.
Part 2
What are some examples of achievement and aptitude tests?
How can Reliability and Validity be determined?
Discuss how fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence changes with age.
What causes Down syndrome?
Explain Terman’s observations oft intellectually gifted children.
How do gifted programs create self-fulfilling prophecies?
Discuss the evidence about intelligence from twin and adoption studies.
Discuss the statement that “Race is a social category, not a biological one.”
How are intelligence  test culturally biased?



Achievement versus aptitude tests
Reliability and validity of standardized tests
Stereotype threat
Cultural differences among test takers

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