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Middle+Ages+Project Inquiry – Sample Topics !  See below for inquiry questioning example brainstorm!

Homework:  Please brainstorm a few topics and possible questions on your handout.

It’s finally time to begin our Inquiry Projects! Please see below a detailed description of what a Inquiry Project is all about (online source)

What is inquiry?
“Inquiry is the dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlements and coming to know and understand the world.” (Galileo Educational Network, 2004).
Essentially, inquiry is the process of being puzzled about something, generating your own questions about the subject, using information to satisfy your own interests and to develop your knowledge. It is NOT finding an answer to other people’s questions for the satisfaction of the teacher. Your own curiosity and wonder should provide the seeds for meaningful learning.
What is inquiry-based learning?
Inquiry-based learning is a process where you are involved in your own learning, you are able to formulate questions, investigate and then build new understandings, meanings and knowledge.
What does the research say?
Research suggests that using inquiry-based learning can help you become more creative, more positive and more independent.

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