How do we change Sensations into Perceptions?

How do we change Sensations into Perceptions?

We are going through this unit quickly!  Make sure you are keeping up with the study guide and terms!  Please review Module 18-20.  Review Eye and Ear (wavelengths in your textbook to review)

Multiple Choice Practice sensationandperceptionMC

A)  Did you finish the sensation lab?  I will not collect this but you should have completed it! Please review how we perceive colour in the world around us.  Review the Young-Helmholtz trichromatic (three color theory).

B)  Today – Perception Rules- I have a video for you to watch below.  Also, please make sure you understand Perception (see handout and textbook for Gestalt rules and how we understand perceptual organization).

C)  Homework:  Illusion Lab 

Note:  You need to upload your Sensation assignment I gave you 2 weeks ago on Monday to your blog(ex.  pick ONE of those activities).  This will be part of term 2.

Monday (November 25th)  Taste and Vision Lab in class.  I will take 15 minutes prior to lab to review the main senses!

Wednesday (Practice MC and prepare for test) Please bring study guides and be ready to work on group review

Friday (Kahoot and Review for Sensation and Perception Test)

Tuesday (December 3rd – Sensation and Perception Test /50 marks)

After December 3rd we start States of Consciousness. 

Video Below on Perception (watch it this weekend)


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