How did the Church Influence Medieval Europe?

How did the Church Influence Medieval Europe?

NOTE: CHAPTER 2 TEST is in 2 weeks.

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Key Q:  How did the Church influence medieval Europe? download

A.  How did the Church unify people?

B.  How did monasteries increase the legitimacy of the Church?

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We will be working in the computer lab Monday and Tuesday.  You will be completing a chart with the BBC Religions Website.


We have been learning about life in the Middle Ages and the fact that the medieval church held an important part of the lives of medieval people.  Almost all western Europeans were devotedly Christian.  Religion clearly shaped their beliefs, thoughts and behaviour.

Today, you will be asked to become a medieval monk or a nun from the early Middle Ages (1000 CE to approx 1250 CE).  To begin you must of read the section in your text book entitled Belief and Devotion.

Write a blog post (journal entry) for either a monk or nun who lived in the Middle Ages.  Describe a typical day and have your monk or nun give their thoughts and feelings about the events of the day.  You may also wish to include the benefits and drawbacks of such a monastic life. Include a picture!

Your post should be written in paragraph style size 12 font.  Remember that you are to become the monk or nun so this means you will write in first person – using “I”.

Please refer to criteria I outlined in class!  Due by Friday!

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