Holiday Homework AP PSYCHOLOGY

Holiday Homework AP PSYCHOLOGY

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Stress Package! Stress-Handout

Please complete the stress handout over the break.  Please post all answers on the blog.  You will need to read the entire package and answer any questions that arise for the sections.  These can be posted on your blog by January 6th.

FRQ practice – Stress, Research Methods, Social Psychology, Neuroscience (Post this on Blog..then check your answer which will be available on did you score?..tell me in your blog)

Zoey wants to buy a new car but is having difficulty deciding what kind of car to buy. She is feeling anxious and wants to make a decision soon. Zoey visits several local car dealers and asks for the advice of some of her friends. Explain how each of the following could influence her decision. Be sure to discuss each concept in the context of Zoey’s decision.

 Approach-Avoidance Conflict

 Central route to persuasion

 Heuristics

 Individualism

 Rationalization

 Self-Efficacy

 The Autonomic Nervous System

 The Foot-In-The-Door Phenomenon


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