Hero or Villain? Charlemagne

Hero or Villain? Charlemagne


You will use your blog.  Think about these questions prior to class.  I will be asking you to respond to ONE of them…

  1. (The Franks and Charlemagne) Do you think Charlemagne was an energetic and thoughtful ruler or hard-hearted and merciless?
  2.  (Rise and Fall of Civilizations)  Why do Empires Rise and Fall?
  3.   (Civilization and Values)  Do values lead to religion, or does religion lead to values? (Today, both religious and non-religious Canadians value honesty.  In fact, they share respect for many values, many of which are expressed in the Canadian Constitution)
  4.  How can religion influence a civilization?  Consider how religion can lead to both tolerance and intolerance.  Express your opinion with examples.

You have gained this knowledge through discussions and assignments this term.  Please make sure you give plenty of evidence and examples to support your thoughts.  You will post on your BLOG this Friday during class time.

HOMEWORK:  https://www.ducksters.com/history/middle_ages/the_franks.php  – Please click on this link to complete the Frayer Diagram (if not done in class).  Please read the article attached to the handout to help you with the questions.

What is the impact of the fall of a civilization?  What happened after the fall of Rome?  Today we started our lesson trying to answer these questions.  After the fall of Rome, one of the Germanic peoples – The Franks –  conquered much of the Roman province of Gaul (now France) in the late fourth and early fifth centuries.  I showed a quick video clip on The Franks and then we worked on a few questions.  If you have completed the questions in class you have no homework except to watch the following Charlemagne Video!  Think about the following question..Does Charlemagne deserve the title of “Charlemagne the Great”?


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