Genius Friday! Blog Post Bonus

Genius Friday! Blog Post Bonus

Today we reviewed Feudalism and the Feudal Pyramid/Notes.  Be prepared for a self check quiz on Thursday.

A great opportunity for a Blog Post this weekend. Include image and citations!

Possible Topics include what we covered in class or current event below

  1.  What were the causes and effects of Feudalism?
  2. What are the differences between Feudalism in Europe and Feudalism in Japan?
  3.  Who would be the greatest hero?  Knight or Samurai (use the notes and additional resources from class to gives examples.
  4. Current Event: Viking Ship Found and Historical Significance:
  5. Mysterious claw found 50 years ago identified as 1st dinosaur species unique to B.C.
  6. Other (must be approved by teacher)

Have a great weekend!  Next week we will learn about Medieval Law.

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