FRQ#2 and Memory Unit

FRQ#2 and Memory Unit

1)Classical Conditioning (Ivan Pavlov)
2) Operant Conditioning (B.F. Skinner)
3) Learning by Observation (Albert Bandura) 

Make sure you have revisited the above key people and concepts prior to your test!

FRQ#2 due every Sunday.  25 minutes write on only ONE!

  1.  Design an experiment to determine whether a new drug that is supposed to reduce hyperactivity in children actually does.  Your essay should include an identification and description of all of the components of your experimental design, including sampling, independent and dependent variable, controls, and the method that you would employ to evaluate the outcome. (This is from the 1994 exam)
  2. Or, your choice from the College Board List/list of other possible FRQ’s given in class.

Cesare Milan Activity – you will work on this next class and it will be presented on January 25th:)

Learning Unit Test- January 23rd.  Multiple Choice

We will start our unit on Memory Wednesday!

Video: Where did I put my memory


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