Teen Brain Response due Friday! Genetics on Friday 3C

Teen Brain Response due Friday! Genetics on Friday 3C

genome-clipart-science_dnaToday was fast paced!  Introducing you to a few psychological brain based disorders.  On Friday the 3 groups will give a snapshot of what they learned. This will take 10 minutes and I will follow up on KEY things you must know.  As always, you must read your textbook! I will be doing a full review of Chapter 3 on Tuesday (30 minute jeopardy review in teams) please bring your study guides for the remainder of class.  Focus on how we chunked this unit 3A/3B/3C and the start up notes I gave you to each section.  This unit test will NOT have a response question:)

On Friday we will cover the last part of this unit on Genetics, Evolutionary Psychology and Behaviour 3C.  See notes and power point below.  I will also go over the Orange Lab and give back your Neuron Quiz with responses.





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