Exploration..past and present

Exploration..past and present

Welcome back from Spring Break.  Looking forward to seeing all of you and hearing about your adventures.  A few questions below to start thinking about our next unit  on EXPLORATION!
What factors might motivate a society to venture into unknown regions beyond its borders?

In Digital Age, What’s Left For Modern Explorers?

Why were explorers determined to venture into dangerous, unknown waters?
Material gain was a powerful motivating factor for Renaissance explorers.  They hoped to get wealth for themselves and their country by finding trade routes and gold.
a)  Using an organizer (chart, bubble chart…), work with a partner to generate a list of five historical or contemporary people you know of who have taken on great challenges. You can select from any field and any time period, and the person does not have to be famous.  Beside each one write down the achievement you admire and one characteristic you think might have motivated that person to take action.
b)  Choose the motivating factor on the list that is most admirable according to your worldview.  Write a short paragraph examining your choice.

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