European Empires _ Early Middle Ages

European Empires _ Early Middle Ages

Monday/Tuesday October 3/4maxresdefault

Last class we looked at Easter Island to answer our question on the rise and fall of civilizations.  You were to complete your handout on Easter Island.  I spent time going over the 8 features of a civlization and you completed a magnet word.  I then discussed what led to Rome’s demise as another example of the rise and fall.

We have now turned to look at Emperor Justinian and his Empress Queen Theodora and how they ruled the eastern side of the Roman Empire. You will  be assigned a worksheet with some questions focused on who they were and whether or not they were successful leaders.  Below are a few videos to help you get started!

Homework:  Please complete the remainder of your T-Chart.  You will complete a paragraph to hand in next class along with the T-Chart!  Don’t forget to follow the example given in class today:)  See me for help or go to THE PEAK program if you need too.


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