Friday we will be working on our Inside Out questions.  We will finish the video and you will be required to complete the questions for homework.  Please make sure you have read this chapter as we will be moving on to motivation next week.

FRQ for this week#3 – Remember you have 25 minutes to respond

You may pick one from the AP College Board or use the following:

Selene was feeling a little sad and didn’t feel like volunteering at the homeless shelter as she had promised. But then she remembered that, earlier in the day, her friend Chris got his foot stuck in a wastebasket, took one step, and fell over. When she thought about this episode, she smiled and felt a little better. She started to feel a bit happier, so she went to the shelter to help out.

Explain how a psychologist might use the following concepts to explain how Selene remembered this episode and the relationship between this memory, Selene’s behavior, and her emotions.

  • Automatic encoding
  • Explicit memory
  • Mood-congruent memory
  • Two-factor theory
  • Facial feedback
  • Feel-good, do-good phenomenon
  • Relative deprivation





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