EMOTIONS Unit and QUIZ next week

EMOTIONS Unit and QUIZ next week

We spent some time today going over Emotions and Theories.  Please review ALL the theories I discussed.  This will be on the quiz Wednesday along with Memory and Cognition (includes language, thinking and problem solving)

Read Unit on Memory-pages 255-293

Read Unit on Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity and Language – pages 298 – 321

Read Unit on Emotion, Stress and Health – pages 366-403 . We have already covered Stress and Health but it doesn’t hurt to review the concepts….

Emotions PPT

Do the AP style MC questions at the end of the unit in your book for review! Watch VIDEOS below for Review

PRACTICE MC   7a_multiple_choice_practice_qs_with_answers

We will start our video analysis next week INSIDE OUT. Memory and Emotions working together!

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