Elections- Political Parties

Elections- Political Parties

We started the class by reviewing last day homework on the fundamental principles of democracy.  I showed a video of Greta Thunberg on Climate Change and connected it to our lesson.  I read out a statement and had students vote by walking over to various ZONES (labelled agree, disagree, I agree, but and convince me).  An example:  Students should be able to use their mobile devices in class for research/Companies that pollute our air and water should suffer consequences.

Homework:  Students have been paired up and assigned a political party.  Please answer the following questions for next class.  I encourage you to check on elections canada the candidate in your riding. Use the following websites to help with answering the questions on your handout(see below).



Self Check QUIZ:  On Democracy and Elections.  This will take place next week. More information given this week.  It will consist of what we discussed in class with activities and presentations.

Guiding questions:
• What is the party’s slogan and/or key messages?
• Who is the party leader?
• What are the party’s major ideas? What actions are
they promising to take?
• Who seems to be the target audience of the party?
• What is the party’s vision for Canada?

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