Dinner Party with Renaissance Artists and Renaissance Unit Test

Dinner Party with Renaissance Artists and Renaissance Unit Test

downloadPeriod 1/2:  Great Dinner Party today!! We had so much fun learning and interacting with different Renaissance Artists, Inventors, Humanists ….  that was awesome!  The costumes were great.  Stay tuned for pictures.  Tomorrow it will be Period 5/6/7 turn.  Looking forward to it.

Renaissance Test will take place this week.  The Dinner Party is a great review for your upcoming test.  You can use your notes to help you.   Please make sure you review the notes and questions completed during the past 3 weeks on this unit!  The Great Artists questions is an excellent starting point.  The crossword puzzle review is also good.

Review the following terms/concepts:

Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo,The Medici Family, City States (pay attention to Florence and Venice), oligarchy, republic, renaissance, Scientific Revolution, Petrarch, sumptuary laws, Savonarola, Machiavelli, Fresco, Proportion and Perspective,inquisition,hinterland,patron,stagnant,mercenaries,printing press,empirical reasoning, Durer,Galileo,Copernicus






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