Developmental Psychology..Unit Test February 25th

Developmental Psychology..Unit Test February 25th

Today we completed a chart on ALL the Theories!  You will discuss your section on Wednesday.  Please make sure you know the developmental theorists…Wednesday is a short class and our only one for the week:(  Read the chapter, look over the notes and study for your unit test out of 45 marks.  FRQ bonus due beginning of class or on blog.  Review all stages theories of development (Freud, Erikson, Kohlberg, Vygotsky, Piaget).  Review crash course videos below and the one on Autism.  Look over object permanence, conservation, theory of mind, parenting styles, longitudinal studies, Harry Harlow, maturation, habituation,rooting reflex etc…

READ THE UNIT and complete MC at the end of it.  Use the study guide for extra practice.

Unit Test will be February 25th (For Term 2)            

Infanct and Childhood_Development – ONLY PIAGET

Myers AP – Unit 09 – PPT for this CHAPTER

Autism –

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