Developmental Psychology Test/Spring Break Study Plan

Developmental Psychology Test/Spring Break Study Plan

A reminder to see previous blog post for crash course videos and ppt on developmental psychology!  Also, you worked on the Intelligence Unit today and I collected 3 questions.  Please look over this unit.  I will give you a take home FRQ to work on and a Multiple Choice on my blog for next week.  I have 5 questions on the test to review intelligence (easy).

First Week Spring Break:  Review Intelligence MC and 25 minutes FRQ – hand in when you return .

Second Week Spring Break:  Personality Unit – Please see package that will be given to you on Thursday.  Read, Questions and Review.  Practice MC:)

Want Practice Questions from previous exams?  See me before you go!

When you return:  We will spend 1 class on reviewing Personality and Intelligence!  We will then start Psych Disorders and Therapy.  Last unit Social Psychology

Review Sessions:  In April! Mark your calendar for April Pro D!  You will have an opportunity to work with your classmates to study and review for the AP exam

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