Development Unit Test Wednesday

Development Unit Test Wednesday

Please Review the following terms for the test on Wednesday.  I suggest you watch the video clip as well!  Autism video clip is also on this post.

Test will be 40 multiple choice questions.

  1.  Schemas
  2. Assimilation and Accomodation
  3. Habituation
  4. Maturation
  5. Piaget
  6. Kohlberg
  7. Erikson
  8. Freud
  9. Vygotsky
  10. Object Permanence
  11. Egocentrism
  12. Conservation
  13.  Attachment Theory
  14. Parenting Styles and theorists
  15. crystallized intelligence
  16. fluid intelligence

Stages and Theorists!  Know them..

Videos below to watch!

Autism –



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